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USB camera as Rear View Camera

5 usd

USB camera connected to the tablet directly:This app was developed to use an USB camera with a 10"-Tablet as a rearview camera.The display can be flipped in mirror view, like the picture is in a real mirror. Also it can be set to the view of a camera. The resolution of the camera can be selected from the range of 160 x 120 to 1600 x 1200.The current picture can be captured as a snapshot to a file. (This option can be disabled in settings)If there is a second camera connected (e.g. with external HUB), then buttons for selection will be shown.
Developed and tested for:
Tablet with 10-inch-display: - ACER IconiaTAB A200 - ACER IconiaTAB A501
Camera: - Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 - Logitech Webcam C905
It is to expect that several other hardware will work, but certainly not each. Please test it before you buy it! Use the offer of google that you can test it for about 15 minutes for free.
Warning notice:
Depending on the performance of the hardware and settings an delay in displaying the image is to expect. Also background processes, such as automatic updates and synchronizations can affect the display speed.